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Geospatial Intelligence

Analyze still and video images to discern actionable intelligence for commanders and troops on the ground.

Is it a bus, a street vendor stand or a tank about to attack our troops? Those are the kinds of questions you’ll face as Geospatial Intelligence Analyst. As the eyes of the intelligence community, you’ll analyze intelligence imagery from satellites, remotely piloted vehicles and other sources in order to discern the mundane from the dangerous. You’ll learn to focus on the details as they are the difference between victory and defeat, life and death. Your study materials and classroom work is classified, so you’ll do all your learning and studying in secured locations. Once you’ve completed training, you’ll be assigned to a facility where you’ll practice your craft and prepare mission-critical intelligence reports for higher echelon commanders.

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School location: Goodfellow AFB (San Angelo, TX)
Length of course: 83 days
CCAF Degree: Communications Applications Technology
College credits earned: 39