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Cryptologic Linguist

Decipher and analyze foreign intelligence using classified techniques and foreign language skills.

Persian Farsi, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Pashtu, Japanese and Korean are just some of the languages you can learn as a Cryptologic Linguist. While mastering another language is integral to your career, the bulk of your job will involve listening to, analyzing and transcribing classified voice communication signals. At the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, you’ll learn your language from native speakers. Then at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX, you’ll learn the equipment and software you’ll use throughout your career. The learning environment is intense, as most of what you learn is classified, requiring you stay in secure areas when studying. Upon graduation you’ll head to your first duty station, which is often overseas.

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School location: Defense Language Institute (Monterey, CA), Goodfellow AFB
Length of course: Varies depending on language specialty
CCAF Degree: Communications Applications Technology
College credits earned: Varies